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Green Tea

Green tea has attained popularity across the world for its numerous health benefits. Enriched with anti-oxidant content, this specific tea is useful for destroying cancer cells. The green tea has an essential role in maintaining salubrious condition of heart and regulating LDL cholesterol levels. The green tea is processed by drying and steaming without using fermentation technique to preserve all its nutritious chemicals. This tea is generally prepared without using milk. During its preparation time, the water need to be kept below the boiling point and care should be taken regarding the duration of its soaking in water. Or else, its taste can get quite pungent.

How To Make Green Tea :

  • Decide the exact number of cups of green tea you need to prepare. As per the common rule of green tea preparation, one need to take one teaspoon (5 gram) of green tea leaves or pearls for one cup of water to make one cup of tea.
  • Calculate the required amount of green tea leaves or pearls and put these in tea strainer or sieve.
  • Warm  the water filled  glass or stainless steel  pan or pot at around 180 F or 80 C temperature.  You can measure this temperature by using a candy thermometer. In case you do not have any thermometer, it is suggested to observe the water to avoid boiling of water.
  • Put the sieve or tea strainer within an unfilled cup or mug.
  • Spill the hot water within the mug on the tea leaves.
  • Soak the tea leaves for not more than 2  to 3 minutes to avoid its pungent taste.
  • Blend honey and put a lemon piece.
  • Allow you tea to become cooler for a short while and savor the  tea.

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